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Professional advise for all your questions

  • Advise for directors and shareholders: Our company focusses on the specific tax position of directors and shareholders in The Netherlands. We can advise you on of various topics regarding the tax legislation.
  • Corporate succession: Every company is subject to different changes in the (financial) management. We have a great deal of experience with regards to the legal and fiscal aspects of these changes. Our goal is to help you achieve a beneficial and prosperous outlook in the new setting.
  • Startups, mergers and business acquisitons: We can assist you with Due Diligence procedures.
  • Energy Tax: If a house is split into two or more appartments, it might qualify for a refund of energy tax. We can assess the situation and if eligable, file the request for refund.
  • Non-profit: The tax position of the non-profit organisations are often subject of discussion with the Tax Authorities, specifically the corporate income tax and VAT. We are experienced in guiding the discussion with the Tax Authorities.
  • Tax support for expats: Tax is an important factor in international situations. We can assist you or your company with rulings such as the 30% facility for incoming employees.
  • Interim support: When you need tax assistance for a short periode or a longer periode, we can assist you on an interim basis.
  • AVG: With respect to the new legislation regarding privacy, we offer consultancy services to assist you with the implementation of the¬†necessities.
  • Investigations by the Dutch Tax Authorities into bank accounts held outside The Netherlands: on basis of the abolishment of bank secrecy and the introduction of internatinoal exchange of information, it occurs more and more that the Tax Authorities start an investigation into bank accounts held abroad. We have a great deal of experience with handling such investigations in which all kinds of tax questions may arise like Personal income tax, inheritance tax and tax residence discussions. We will be happy to assist you if such a situation occurs.

Our Fees

If possible, we try to agree on fixed price arrangements in order to prevent unpleasant surprises. For us the advantage in this respect is that we can pursue our ambition to achieve a satisfactory result without discussions about the costs.